How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher LC Error Code?

Most people’s worst nightmare is to fix an error code of an appliance. Over the time period, you will see a lot of different codes. It indicates that the unit is not working properly.

Now, I’m going to tell you about the meaning of LC code error and how you can get rid of it.

LC Code Meaning

Whenever you see a Code of LC is flashing continuously, that means the unit’s leak sensor has detected some moisture or water leakage. Clear the code by simply removing a power plug to the dishwasher for at least 15 minutes. It will help you to remove a code and resets your dishwasher.

If this simple procedure does not work, then it’s time to take some measure steps. It may indicate a leak sensor error by mistake, or in fact, your dishwasher has water leakage.

If you are fortunate, so there is really moisture at the bottom pan, and it forces your dishwasher to show an error of water leakage. In this case, you have to dry the bottom pan.

Instead, explore some more troubleshooting techniques to figure out why this problem has been raised.

First Steps to Take

Keep in mind that your first task is to check dishwasher is leaking water or not. Follow these few simple steps.

  • Remove a dishwasher from the countertop.
  • Remove metal panel placed on the right side.
  • Dry any moisture or water that is being detected.
  • Relocate the leak sensor up a few inches higher as it is located on the drain on the unit’s bottom.
  • Make sure everything is secure and not leaking anymore.
  • Reinstall a metal panel, and slide the dishwasher to its place.
  • Turn the power back on.
  • Now, after installation, check your dishwasher that the error of LC or LE is resolved.

If you have difficulty understanding those steps, check out this video to know how to do it perfectly.

Issues that Causes LC Error Code

We have found several other reasons that may cause your dishwasher to show the LC error code. I’ve listed some questions to ask yourself.

1. Is your Dishwasher recently moved or installed?

If you did this, they might be water or moisture that have arrived on the leak sensor. Give your dishwasher sensor some time to dry and try clearing the code again.

2. Have you overfilled the Dishwasher by putting detergent?

It was a terrible idea to overfill the detergent dispenser because the machine may detect excess detergent, so it could be a reason to show LC code error.

3. Newly Garbage Disposal installed in a Dishwasher?

If garbage disposal recently gets connected to a dishwasher can actually begin LC error. It happened when you forgot to remove a cap from the garbage disposal, so simply remove the cap and then clear the code again.

Issues that Causes Water Leakage

These are some issues that cause water leakage, and as a result, you will get an error of LC code.


As you already know, the dishwasher uses hot water to wash dishes. So, in this way vapors can be produced and it turns to small water drops. If these droplets have reached the sensor, then it can cause a wrong leakage signal.

Filling Valve/Water Hose

Water flows from the dishwasher at the lower tray. If the water hose is cracked, so keep remembering to check it.

The valve controls the level of water. When the water starts to flow, a big puddle has appeared, which means there may be a valve’s failure. This issue leaks water, so If the valve gets stuck in the open position, the machine will fill up.

Slack joints

The issue of slack joints could appear if the dishwasher is too old. All you have is to replace the hose, or you can install clamps that are necessary to tight its joints.

Cracked tank

If the tank is broken, cracked, or damaged, a puddle appears under the machine as it is scarce. If the tank of a dishwasher has been damaged, you have to buy a new one because it could be very costly to repair the old one.


If you have a cleanser that creates too much foam, then it will penetrate any seals.

TIP: Don’t use a bad cleanser because it can leak your Samsung dishwasher.

Water discharge hose

When dirty water is released from the dishwasher, it can leak into the drainage system. Ensure no blockage of the discharge hose and drainage. If the water exit is blocked, then you have to remove the dirt and grease.

Leakage Sensor Out of Order

The leakage sensor may send a false signal to the circuit, and as a result, it displays an LC code error. It happens if the leakage is installed out of order.

Door Seal Damaged

The door maybe doesn’t close tightly. If the seal is damaged, it will cause water to spilled on the leakage sensor, and as a result, you will see an LC code error. Check the door seal by cleaning the grease and dirt. If the water leakage is at the bottom of the door, it means that your dishwasher is at the curved position, and it stands improperly.

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