LG Inverter Direct Drive Dishwasher Manual

This article provides information for LG dishwashers that have an inverter direct-drive motor.

The inverter technology is used in some of the latest LG dishwashers.

The LG Inverter Direct Drive Dishwasher is a good choice for those who live in an apartment. It can accommodate up to 16 place settings and has a capacity of 12 cubic feet. If you’re looking for a compact dishwasher that’s easy to install, you may want to check out the LG 4392RHS.

At first glance, this dishwasher seems like a great buy; however

It allows more precise control of the wash pump motor’s speed and thus better washing results at lower noise levels than standard motors.

LG also claims it can save up to 40 percent of electricity compared with a conventional motor.

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Error Codes – Dishwasher

Performing a few basic troubleshooting steps usually solves the problem when an error code appears on the dishwasher’s display. Learn about Understanding Error Codes – LG Dishwasher in this video. Choose your error code: 1.

OE Error Code – Dishwasher

A drain problem is indicated by an OE error code on the display of your dishwasher, which most frequently occurs due to food clogs or installation problems. Fortunately, both of these difficulties may be remedied with only a few simple steps.


The E1 error code indicates a possible leak from the unit. This message is frequently caused by an overflow, owing to either the unit being out of level or using the wrong sort or amount of detergent.

Error Codes – Dishwasher

It’s quite easy to diagnose and repair problems with dishwasher displays. The majority of error codes on a dishwasher display may typically be resolved by performing a few simple troubleshooting procedures. This video will teach you what Understanding Error Codes is all about – LG Dishwasher.

Washing Machine – No Power

A tripped circuit breaker, a faulty electrical outlet, a power outage in the house, or a unit that requires servicing are the most common causes of no electricity. Check the connection between the power source and the washer. In cases where an electric washer is not working, there may be many possible reasons for this – from a faulty to a damaged cord connection or even a malfunctioning motor.

LG Dishwasher – Cycles and Options

Dishes can be washed in a Kenmore Dishwasher by selecting the CLEAR cycle at the end of the wash. If you’re using your dishwasher without any detergent, it will likely leave your dishes streaked and streaky.

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11 thoughts on “LG Inverter Direct Drive Dishwasher Manual”

  1. The dishwasher does not engage. I turn on the power, select the cleaning setting, hit start and the display just blinks on and off without engaging the cleaning setting.
    Please help!

    • If your dishwasher has power, but is not starting, we recommend going through the below checks which can help you get your appliance back up and running again in no time.

      Disconnect the appliance from the power supply, then pull out the mains plug or switch off the fuse. Wait at least 5 seconds, then connect the appliance to the power supply and try to start the program again.

      Defective door latch
      Unresponsive controls/child lock is on
      Dishwasher door is not closed properly

  2. Dishwasher sounds a pound buzzing sound near the end of the cycle. When I open the door it is very steamy and the buzzing stops. I press start again ant it begins to operate only to sound the buzzer again

  3. I have noticed that all cycles on my Lg inverter direct drive all seem to be really long. The last Lg i had there was a quick cycle for just 30 mins.

    I look forward to hearing from

    • Hello Debbie, I’m glad you reached out. There could be a few reasons why the cycles on your LG inverter direct drive dishwasher are taking longer than expected. Here are a few possibilities:

    • The dishwasher may be detecting that the dishes are not clean and running additional wash cycles to ensure they are cleaned properly.
    • The dishwasher may have a clogged spray arm or filter, which can impede water flow and cause the cycles to take longer.
    • The dishwasher may be running a more intensive cycle, such as a heavy-duty cycle, which typically takes longer than a quick cycle.
    • Another reason could be the age and wear of the machine, the new technology of the machine, like inverter direct drive, which is more energy efficient, may have to work longer to get the results you expect.
    • One other thing to check is if the machine is overloading with dishes, this can also extend the wash time.
    • I would recommend checking the user manual of your dishwasher to see if it offers any troubleshooting tips. It may also be a good idea to clean the spray arm and filter and ensure that the dishwasher is not overloaded. If the issue persists, it might be best to contact the manufacturer for further assistance or service.

    • Hello Rob, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having trouble with your dishwasher’s wash cycle after having a repairman out. There could be a few reasons why the 1 hour wash cycle is not working properly.

    • The repairman may not have fully resolved the issue that was causing the wash cycle to take longer than an hour.
    • The problem could be related to a malfunctioning timer or control board, which may need to be replaced.
    • There could be an issue with the water pressure, water temperature or with the cleaning detergent.
    • It could be a software issue, if the machine has been updated, sometimes the wash cycle time can change.
    • I recommend checking the user manual of your dishwasher to see if there are any troubleshooting tips or diagnostic codes that can help you identify the problem. If the problem persists, it may be best to contact the manufacturer for further assistance or to schedule another repair service. If possible, I would also recommend trying to get in touch with the same repairman you had to come before, and explain the situation to him, he may have more insight into your particular machine, and might be able to resolve the problem more quickly.


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