Resetting Your Dishwasher to Fix Common Problems

Dishwashers are a modern convenience that most of us take for granted. Sometimes, they stop working, and we don’t know how to fix them! The good news is that dishwasher repairs are easy. The indicator light may come on and begin blinking, or there may be a beeping sound when the dishwasher is being used with automatic control. This informs the user that the dishwasher requires attention.

Because the lights and sounds have various meanings on different vehicles, consulting your Owner’s Manual to explain the numerous blinking lights and buzzing noises are advised.

In this blog article, we’ll go through how to reset your dishwasher if it stops operating or you have another typical problem with it.

Beeping, Blinking, and Not Starting Causes

  • Beeping Sound: When the dishwasher is on, a beeping sound occurs every 30 seconds or once per minute. This shows that the dishwasher door was opened during the cycle. To continue the process, close the dishwasher door, and the beeping will stop.
  • Blinking light: The “Start” or “Start/Reset” light blinks. This shows that the dishwasher has been reset and will be shut down in a short amount of time. This light will flash for 75 to 90 seconds, depending on the model. Watch a short film about flashing lights:

  • Other Beeping & Blinking Issues: This might signal an issue with the dishwasher caused by power surges. To reset the dishwasher, press the “Start/Reset” pad for two minutes. If the problem persists, shut off (power off) the unit’s electricity at the house circuit breaker or fuse box for 30 seconds to reset (reboot) it. The dishwasher should reset and operate correctly when you restore power.

Steps To Reset Your GE Dishwasher:

  1. To cancel a GE dishwashing cycle, press the “Start/Reset” pad on the front control of a GE dishwasher. The water pumps out, taking approximately two minutes when the “Start/Reset” light flashes. When the flashing light has stopped, the dishwasher is reset and maybe restarted later.
  2. If you have a front-control GE dishwasher, open the door carefully to prevent water from splashing out if you run it.
  3. To stop or restart a top-control GE dishwasher, press the “Start/Restart” pad.
  4. Close the door of your top-control dishwasher and wait about two minutes for the water to pump out if the “Start/Restart” light is flashing. When the dishwasher is reset, the light will cease flashing, and it may be restarted at any time.



This concludes our blog on GE dishwasher troubleshooting. I hope it has been a helpful resource for you and have helped answer some of your questions about how to reset your GE dishwasher when the time is necessary. If you’d like more information or still have other concerns, please feel free to comment below! Also Check out Why Your GE Dishwasher Is Not Draining

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  1. the ge profile dishwashed says there is 5 hours remaining on the cycle and nothing happens when you push the reset button. the machine doesn’t start.


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