Maytag MDB8959SKZ Dishwasher In-Depth Review

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The Maytag MDB8959SKZ dishwasher is a must-have for any kitchen. With the Third Level Rack and Dual Power Filtration, you’ll have more room to fit all your dishes and utensils in the dishwasher while also getting them cleaner than ever before. Plus, there are heated drying options available as well!

This dishwasher will make your life so much easier by reducing excess moisture from food particles that would typically need to be scrubbed off after washing. You won’t have to worry about pre-rinsing or soaking anymore because this machine does it all for you! It even has an industry-exclusive filtration system that disintegrates any food in its path. That means no more scrubbing is required!


The Maytag MDB8959SKZ model is a relatively quiet built-in dishwasher, with the MDB8959SKZ model weighing 91 pounds and coming in three colors: silver, black, and white. It has 15 place settings and runs at 47 dBA, which provides for a high-silent experience.

It has an automatic temperature control sensor, and their location of controls are top and hidden, while the door style of this dishwasher is flat with a high-quality plastic handle material.

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  1. Quiet Operation: Operates quietly, creating a peaceful environment while it efficiently cleans your dishes.
  2. User-Friendly: Simple to operate, making it convenient for users of all levels.
  3. Third Level Rack: Features a third-level rack, providing extra space for utensils and smaller items.
  4. Sparkling Clean Results: Ensures dishes and silverware come out sparkling clean, ready for immediate use.


  1. Average Cleaning: While it cleans effectively, some users may find the cleaning performance to be average compared to other models.
  2. Long Wash Cycle: The wash cycle may be longer than desired for some users, potentially affecting overall convenience.

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Design & Quality

The Maytag MDB4949SHZ dishwasher is a stylish stainless unit with top-mounted controls that are invisible when the door is closed. The interior and exterior of this product have been constructed from a higher quality stainless steel, which provides better insulation against noise in your home as well as heat retention.

The controls are hidden when the dishwasher is closed, and this improves how it looks. In addition, they provide you peace of mind knowing there will be less chance for corrosion or rusting, so long-term maintenance costs stay low!


The Maytag MDB8959SKZ is a dishwasher that has 3 racks and can hold 15 place settings. The lack of fold-down tines makes it harder to fit odd-size items like chunky mugs, which can improve the design.

Cleaning Performance

The Maytag MDB8959SKZ is a five-wash cycle washing machine in the price range of $849.

  • However, the PowerBlast® cycle cleans effectively but takes approximately 4 hours to complete.
  • The Normal process obtained an average score in our test and took around 2 hours and 54 minutes to complete.
  • The Quick cycle cleans an hour’s worth of dishes in only 30 minutes, but it is best suited for lightly soiled plates and glasses.

Drying Performance

This Maytag dishwasher is a pretty good appliance for cleaning and drying dishes, but it’s not the best at doing so. The heated dry feature can definitely help with this, though, because it will increase the temperature inside your machine to reduce excess moisture, which means you’ll get those dirty dishes sparkling clean in no time!

Noise Level

The Quiet Dishwasher is here! This dishwasher can make your life a lot easier by decreasing the amount of noise it makes. With only 47 dBA, 5 By IEC standards.

This machine delivers a unique silent experience that will have you feeling content every time.

Maytag Dishwasher Comparison

Maytag MDB8959SKZ Vs MDB7959SKZ Vs MDB4949SKZ Vs MDB4949SHZ

[wps_table style=”hover-dark”]

Capacity 15 14 14 14
Noise Level 47 dBA 50 dBA 50 dBA 50 dBA
Third Rack Yes No No No
Wash Cycles 5 5 5 5
Controls Top Top Front Front
Price (MSRP) $849.00 $799.00 $749.00 $749.00


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The following are the four primary characteristics of this product:

  1. Dual Power Filtration
  2. Steam Sanitize option
  3. 3rd Level Rack
  4. PowerBlast® cycle

Dual Power Filtration

The Maytag engineer has done it again! This dishwasher is like no other in its class. It features a Dual Power Filtration that scrubs and pre-rinses and disintegrates food with 100% microfiltration before getting tackled by 4 powerful stainless steel blades for ultimate cleaning power.

Steam Sanitize option

The Steam Sanitize option is a great way to wash all your dishes with confidence. It provides high-temperature rinses that will eliminate 99% bacteria, leaving you feeling more confident about using the dishwasher!

3rd Level Rack

The dishwasher’s 3rd level rack is a must-have for those who like to put their dishes in bowls and mugs. With space enough to load even more significant pieces, this design guides your cleaning tools right up towards the top so that you can clean without having any trouble reaching down into dirty depths or getting wet!

PowerBlast Cycle

The PowerBlast cycle cleanses stubborn items like egg yolk, peanut butter, and even dried-on oatmeal away. With high-pressure jets to break up grime on dishes plus increased water temperatures or hot steam working together with the powerful motorized cleaning head for optimal results, all you need are your plates to load them into this quick fix machine!

Additional Feature

The Maytag MDB8959SKZ Dishwasher is ideal for any family with hectic schedules. It has a Long Heated Dry option, which gets huge loads of dishes clean and dry, so you don’t have to worry about running out of clean cutlery during meal preparation! Short Heated Dry option will reduce extra moisture inside your dishwasher and speed up the drying process.

Fingerprint Resistant Steel & Leak Sensor

Dishwashers with fingerprint-resistant stainless steel resist smudges and streaks, while The Leak Detect system keeps an eye on water flow and warns you if there are any issues.

Quiet Level 47 dBA

This dishwasher minimizes noise at only 47 dBA, 5 By IEC standards, which delivers a high silent experience!

10 Year Parts Warranty

Maytag dishwashers are so reliable that they come with a 10-year limited parts warranty4 on the racks, chopper blade, and stainless steel tub. So when we say you can rely on your appliance for years to come – this isn’t just empty rhetoric; it’s something Maytag will keep true as long as those components exist!

Premium Rack Glides

It’s made from stainless steel and has a ball bearing slide that allows you to easily remove the upper rack even while lifting heavy things.

Long Haul Built & Touch Controls

We crammed in a big stainless steel tub that’s ready for years of hard cleaning. The high heat resistance and stain-resistant qualities will keep your dishwasher looking fresh for years to come.

Dishwasher touch controls enable you to control the settings with a quick tap of your finger.

End-of-cycle Indication & Tub

The end-of-cycle indicator tells you when the dishwasher is in progress, when it’s completed, and when the Steam Sanitize option is activated. When it’s in process, finished, and when the Steam Sanitize option is selected.

The stainless steel tub is rigid and can handle high heat. The Energy Star® certified dishwasher is an excellent way to save money on your electric bill.


This dishwasher does not feature a built-in water softener or an interior light, but it has many other features, including a Detergent and rear-aid dispenser, Drain Hose, three-ers, and four-wash Arms, and Six Wash Levels.

Dishwasher Racks are made out of nylon material, and the tub is made out of stainless steel, though it also features a dispenser level indicator to help maintain your dishware’s cleanliness.

True hold door helps you avoid accidents when loading dishes by keeping them in place until ready for use, while the water filtration system guarantees no more hard-to-remove mineral buildup on plates or pots after using this appliance!

Number of Cycle and Options

The Maytag MDB8959SKZ has five wash cycles and choices: High Temperature, Sani Rinse®, Short Heated Dry, Long Heated Dry, and Delay. It also features 3 important parts listed below.



  1. Energy Star® Qualified
  2. Kosher Consumer Friendly
  3. NSF® Certified


If you’re looking for a dishwasher with stainless steel tub and Third level rack, this is the one. It also has an average capacity of 15 place settings and does an average job at cleaning dishes.

This may not be as high-end as some would like, but it still can do the trick, making your life easier in the kitchen!

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  1. This dishwasher was given to my family as a gift when we re-did some of our kitchen area. We had had a Whirlpool dishwasher for nearly 20 years. It was great, the racks adjusted in height and their were several movable tines; plus, the silverware rack was hooked on the door. I was so terribly disappointed when this Maytag dishwasher was installed and I used it for the first time. The plates and cereal/soup bowls don’t sit well between the tines. There are absolutely no adjustable parts to the dishwasher; as far as lowering and raising the racks. I could put a complete 6 person Thanksgiving dinner dishes and pans in my old Whirlpool and they came out clean and dry. This Maytag will only let me put about 1/2 the amount of dishes in it. If there was someway I could get rid of the Maytag and credit towards a Whirlpool like I used to have, I’d it in a minute.

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