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Maytag Dishwasher Reset

When you face minor issues with a dishwasher, so you think to reset it so that the dishwasher’s memory is apparent and your problem is solved.

To configure the control panel, we have to remove the electric source for 1 minute. If your dishwasher is plugged into the socket, unplug it for 1 minute and re-insert it.

How to Reset the Dishwasher Control Panel?

  • Turn off the power supply of the dishwasher for 1 minute.
  • After one minute, turn on the power supply.

If the dishwasher plug is attached to the socket, remove it from the electric socket and reconnect it. If your dishwasher is hardwired, turn off the home electrical panel breaker for 1 minute and turn it on again.


if your dishwasher power light does not turn on, so Confirm if the control panel is turned on or not. If your control panel is OK and still the control panel is not working properly and when the red padlock is shining in it, then check out the Manual of your dishwasher model and find how to deactivate the control lock.

Is the control lock “on,” or is the dishwasher in sleep mode?

The control lock is used to prevent unintentional changes to the dishwasher while the cycle is running. This feature is handy for a home with children, While some models have the option of sleep mode.

If the control lock light is on, it is turned on, and it has disabled all the buttons in the control panel.

When the control lock is on, and in the meantime, you will press any of the buttons, the light will blink twice, but meanwhile, the door of the dishwasher can be opened and closed.

Activate Control Lock

Press the control lock button to activate the control lock.

To turn off the control lock feature:

Holding down the lock button for 2 seconds will close the lock light.

Deactivate Sleep Mode

Pressing the Start, Resume, cancel buttons can disable sleep mode.

Is the door completely closed and latched?

Make sure your dishwasher’s door and latch closed well.


The reason for not closing the door may be that your latch is damaged, or the lower reck of your dishwasher is not fitted properly.

Is the water supply turned on to the dishwasher?

Make sure the water supply of your machine is turned on.

Read your installation instructions. If you don’t know how to test it, you can go to the Manual and Literature page.

Has a delay wash option been selected?

If you have chosen Delay Wash, the dishwasher will not run until the delay time has arrived.

To Turn Off the Delay Wash Feature

  • Press the Cancel or Drain button to close the delay option.
  • Press the Start / Resume button to run the cycle.
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