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Yeti tumblers can easily handle many difficult situations, but can we clean it up by putting it in a dishwasher? Cleaning in Dishwasher does not reduce the durability and life of the Yeti’s, and that’s only possible because of the rugged 18/18 stainless steel construction. I’m very grateful. Yeti cups are BPA-free, which means another indication that they are safe. You can clean your Yeti cups with hot water, but you should dry them properly after cleaning.

One suggestion is to remove the rubber gasket’s lid before inserting the Yeti cup into the dishwasher because hot water spoils its rubber. Now put it in the Silverware basket, thus prolonging the Yeti cups’ life and allowing them to be used for a long time.

How to Clean YETI Cups and Drinkware

If you are confused about taking care of Yeti cups/mugs, you are at the right place. Yeti Bottles, Cups, Mugs, and Tumblers can all be cleaned in a dishwasher without any damage. Below we will show you the best way to clean it.

Why Do Some Websites Suggest Hand-Washing YETIs?

A few years ago, Yeti’s company itself said that Yeti’s cups should only be washed by hand. But now, according to Yeti’s research, all of Yeti’s drinkware can be cleaned in a dishwasher without any harm. The Yeti Drinkware has double-wall vacuum insulation, and it helps to keep your drink cool and warm throughout the day, so the old idea of ​​these people was that due to the high temperature of the dishwasher vacuum seal gets worse. But research has shown that there is no harm in cleaning it.

Is YETI lids dishwasher safe?

Yeti Lids can also be easily cleaned in a dishwasher, and they also do not harm. In fact, Yeti’s company suggests that Lids can be placed on the upper shelf of a dishwasher. It is also a good idea to remove the lids, gaskets, and other parts before putting them in the dishwasher. Doing so clears up every corner of your drinkware.

How to Clean a YETI Cup or Water Bottle in a Dishwasher

  1. Remove the lid and other parts from the drinkware, and remember to remove the gasket as well. If you are having difficulty opening it, click here.
  2. Put Yeti’s gasket and other small pieces in your Dishwasher’s Silverware Basket.
  3. Place the disassembled lid in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  4. Put the Yeti Drinkware in your dishwasher wherever there is space.
  5. Now run a dishwasher.
  6. After cleaning, remove all items from the dishwasher and keep in mind that it is scorched.
  7. Now carefully reassemble the Yeti Drinkware.


The Magslider is easily cleaned in the dishwasher, and it is also safe. If you do not have a dishwasher, you can clean it by hand. Please take out the Magslider to clean it by hand. Now after clearing it, re-add it to the slider lid.

Difference between Rambler Elements & Original Stainless Steel, Duracoat

The Duracoat lasts a long time, and it can be cleaned in a dishwasher. It has the same stainless steel layer at its base, and we have put a new coating of stainless steel through PVD (Physical Vapor Disposition). PVD has made it possible to look like brushed graphite and copper from top to bottom. It is coated with UV-Resistance and also has used the oleo-phobic coating, which makes it fingerprint-proof.


You may have read somewhere that all Yeti drinkware can be cleaned in a dishwasher, and they are also safe. Just make sure to remove the lids before putting them in the dishwasher. You can get instructions on how to remove the parts from yeti drinkware. Always place the lid on the top rack of the dishwasher and, at the same time, place the other small pieces in the silverware basket and keep the drinkware inside the dishwasher wherever the place is empty.


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