Commercial Undercounter Dishwasher Buyers Guide

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Undercounter commercial dishwashers are divided into two categories depending on the dishes that they clean. The water in an over cabinet dishwasher is heated to a minimum of 90°F to destroy germs. Low-heat under-counter / microwave dishwashing uses chemicals to sanitize dishes. You can look for compatible candidates in specific places if you choose the finest option. Here’s where you may download the software.

Types of commercial dishwashers

Let’s look at some differences between business and residential dishwashers to see what they have to offer. And you can simply determine the company sort that will best meet your demands using this method.


Under-counter dishwashers are less intrusive and take up less room, allowing them to be beneficial for small enterprises. They might be placed beneath a counter rather than having a separate location in the kitchen. They appear to be the same home kitchen machine, but they function more effectively because of their dishwasher.

High temperature

High heat at a temperature of 360 degrees is used to sanitize plates in high-temperature dishwashers. Everything, therefore, adheres to health regulations and allows you to continue to operate in a clean and hygienic manner.

Low temperature

At low temperatures, dishwashers don’t work and can’t sanitize the dishes. The dishes are also disinfected using chemicals and cleansers.

Glass Washer

For heavier glasses, such as wine glasses or crystal glasses, glass washers are gentler. Glassware is gentle with delicate glassware like goblets and bottles.


The capacity of this dishwasher is ideal for businesses with heavy traffic days. For example, schools, hotels, and hospitals are suitable buildings.

Door style

The door-style dishwashers have a large door that can be opened. Fill it and slide it in shut to clean a few plates.

How do I clean my under-counter commercial dishwashing machine?

When selecting an under cabinet dishwasher, you must consider whether to use a high-temperature option or a chemical sanitizer. Maintenance costs are different between the two. When not wasting energy and chemical sanitization, I would advise acquiring a water-filled machine. These machines require more electricity to function properly. 

The cost of maintaining the equipment outweighs the overall expense of owning it over the average lifespan of most units, but bear in mind if these devices might raise your energy bills. An under-counter dishwasher with a low-temperature dishwasher that does not require frequent refills is the most convenient under-counter dishwasher.

Tell me the undercabinet dishwashing factor?

High-temperature dishwashers use significantly more electricity than traditional dishwashers. ENERGY STAR certified machines are one of the most energy-efficient models on the market. The water usage will differ from model to model, but it’s usually stated in gallons per cycle or gallons per hour.

The efficiency of the undercabinet dishwasher is measured in terms of how much time each rack or rim takes to clean. Knowing when you can completely clean an entire home in an hour will help you choose the best dishwasher. nBest Shopping Advice: Keep track of how many dishwashers your company has.

What are undercabinet dishwashing machines?

Know your electrical resources so that you can identify the number of outlets, as well as their individual capacity if a two- or three-phase supply is connected and how many amps the circuit can handle. Please note whether under-counter commercial dishwashers may simply be plugged in or require skilled wiring from an electrician.

When purchasing an undercabinet dishwasher or washing machine with high-temperature systems, you should consider the water’s incoming temperature. The electrical requirements for each booster heater will be included in the dishwasher’s specifications, so ensure that the couple doesn’t exceed their circuit’s capacity.

What factors affect my under-counter dishwashing purchase?

The ideal location of your commercial under-counter washroom cabinet may influence the decision you have to leave your choice open. If you want the dishwasher in the undercabinet bar to work, it should be near enough to customers and not produce too much noise.

It’s also critical for the operator’s comfort to have effective insulating materials. Consider what you’ll wash. If you’re going to be washing a lot of glasses, why not purchase a glasswasher instead of a basic under-counter dishwasher? Check that the equipment you’ve chosen will function properly in the intended location.

Honorable Mention: The Glasswasher

For bars that serve drinks in a short timeframe, clear glasswashers have shown to be a wise investment. Glasswashers can clean hundreds of cups per hour. They’re less dangerous for glass than huge dishwashers, which break fewer glasses.

Keep the bar clean and clear for your consumers in case your glasswasher isn’t there, so the bar staff may enjoy it. During the busiest hours of operation, a food service company can swiftly lose money if it doesn’t have an effective dishwashing machine or a clever dishwasher operator. Creating a clean-wash station takes an extensive amount of time.

What are safety features available for commercial undercounter dishwasher?

The door safety switch on many dishwashers shuts the washing off in case the door is open. It can cause third-degree burns if it comes into direct contact with skin 180 degrees. Some equipment comes with separate compartments or trays for storing chemicals that add to the security of your kitchen.

Take note of the machine safety features to ensure that your employees have the most comfortable working conditions possible. If you want more information, click here. For expert assistance, call the Samaritans at 08457 90 or visit your local Samaritan branches or click here for further details.

Tell me the best feature to keep your under-counter commercial dishwasher clean?

Some dishwashers have detachable scrubber arms or wastebaskets. A material that is easy to clean, such as stainless steel with no seams and clean corners, may be quite beneficial. To dissolve the limescale buildup in your under-counter business dishwasher, a decline cycle is required for further cleans.

Washing machines that are built to be simple to clean have a significantly longer life expectancy. It improves the lifespan of dishwashers in storage and keeps food inside the cabinet clean.

What are under-counter dishwashing options?

Some under-counter commercial dishwashers include digital controls and LEDs. Others keep things simple with push buttons. Take note of the chemical pump’s position and the booster in this comparison, as well as how this device will fit your situation. 

You must have a clear idea of the technical possibilities as well as their locations and how they will be integrated into your existing area. Get more information from [link]. Find out more about the company’s US e-commerce presence here.

Door-style vs. Undercounter Dish

The most popular commercial dishwashers are the under-standing, door, and conveyor dishwashers. You can discover both high-temperature and low-temperature versions to suit your demands.

Before buying a business dishwasher, always check the product details. Just keep in mind that low-temperature dishwashers require 120V power supplies, whereas high-temperature models need 208V power supplies.


Glasswashers clean and sterilize glassware quickly. This machine may be used on a bar with a large number of dirty beverages. The glasswasher guarantees that your beer arrives in clean, clear containers. Cleaning and disinfecting machines work fast, ensuring that your bartender has sanitary dishware during the busiest hours of the day.

Vertical Space

Multi-rack dishwashers and under-mount dishwasher doors offer more vertical space for cleaning and sanitizing big pots, large oven trays, and unwieldy utensils. Typically, it is easier to place a door-type dishwasher in an earlier appliance wash station. The options available with single-rack dishwashers are many.

Large Footprint

Conveyable Dishwashers often need a lot of space for ware washing. Check the relevant pages to ensure that your booster heater can accommodate the required output under any circumstances. Cleaning pots and pans is a responsibility that must be fulfilled by a competent kitchen employee. Heat may be provided in several ways, one of which is as follows:

Bang for the Bucket

Extreme compromises between under-counter machines and conveyor equipment are made by dishwashers that operate on the door principle. They have a bigger footprint than big conveyor systems and produce a lot of water.

Space Savings

If you run a small bakery in your home and have an under-counter dishwasher, you might want to go with one. You may conceal a tucking-in dishwasher behind the surface, which is especially advantageous if you don’t have much counter space.

Do you need something bigger?

The conveyor style is ideal for bigger hotels or restaurants, such as those serving hundreds of meals each hour. The choice between the conveyor and single-rack dishwashers depends on the size of the hotel or restaurant.

Heavy duty

The conveyor washing machine is a warewashing behemoth. This equipment will clean and sterilize dinnerware in a way no one else can. Stainless steel is used for construction.

Door-type & single rack Dishwashers (35-60 racks)

We’ll need a drawer dishwasher because a sub-counter dishwasher has no manufacturing capability.

Commercial dishwashers can be used in restaurants, bars, bakeries, and at home.

The Gaggenau EH6300 is a 5-star dishwasher on Amazon. Despite the fact that the device is abrasive, you may move it into any building. This dishwasher, like many others, commercially tested, performs its task even if there is a lot of strain on its feet. A business or industrial dishwasher may be purchased for $99.99 in the United States.

High temp vs. Low-temperature dishwashers

A high-temperature dishwasher uses water at least 450F in the final rinse to destroy and remove germs. Chemical sanitization is used in a low-temperature commercial dishwasher. When washing, a low-time machine employs chemical sanitation. A high-temperature dishwasher uses water with a temperature of at least 280 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize bacteria.

Dishwashers at low temperatures

Ammonia (quats), chlorine, or iodine might be present in low-temperature dishwasher drains. The chemicals are safe and authorized by the FDA for use in restaurants when used correctly. In warmer climates, bartenders prefer hot dishwashing machines to preserve mixed beverages because they protect them from corrosion and staining. Dishware deteriorates due to chemical sanitization as well as rusting and discoloring.

The use of high-intensity washes, which contain harsh chemicals and surfactants, can also damage your flatware and result in corrosion. Standard 120 volt outlets are generally used during installation. This provides some adaptability by allowing homeowners to budget comfortably while building.

Dishwashers at high temperatures

The rinse cycle in a commercial dishwasher is the key to its superior performance. Water is sprayed over dishes at temperatures of 280 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in order to produce surface temperatures of approximately 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Bacteria will be destroyed if the water is heated to at least 100 degrees F for at least ten seconds.

The second option is to fill a large colander with water and set it in the middle of your oven. It will cleanse grease, proteins, and lipstick from your dishes. The added benefit: because moisture evaporates at such a fast rate, low-temperature dishwashers won’t work. It significantly reduces the time spent on drying. The initial up-front cost is a disadvantage of utilizing one of the best high-temperature microwaves available on the commercial market.

How do I choose the best commercial dishwashing machine?

The best commercial dishwashers are made by Whirlpool. Here’s why you should choose a company that you can rely on.


In contrast to the dishwasher, which generally costs several hundred and twenty-four thousand, countertop dishwashers save a lot of money. However, under-counter or glass washing machines are less expensive. We have a cost-effective alternative that’s not as rapid as other appliances, but it’s still a decent high-quality machine for small bars with only a few tables and handwashing most items.

This is still a good professional product despite the fact that you run a little town bar with just a few tables and can only hand wash most things because you don’t use electricity very frequently.


The quietest currently available dishwasher is the Whirlpool WDD6200XS, which produces just 60 decibels when in operation. Anything louder than 60 decibels can be heard. A high decibel rating is not a problem because it is generally located in a kitchen and does not disturb clients. In decibels, dishwashers may measure the quietness and loudness of each device.


Check the measurements of your fridge and make sure there’s enough space for them. Dishwashers that sit below the countertop are space-saving options. We also have a smaller version on the countertop.


Capacity is often estimated on the place setting, so keep an eye on it. Some are smaller than others in proportion, so don’t invest money on one that won’t fit all of your plates.


If you own a restaurant, you’ll want a dishwasher that can clean everything from tableware to cookware. Consider if dishwashers are suitable for tiny glasses and pots.

How fast is a commercial dishwasher?

Dishwasher efficiency is measured in terms of time, not water usage. Many dishwashers last longer than 90 seconds. To be successful and have more clients, you need something fast.


The length and width of the washer and dryer may be customized to your needs. Choose between conveyor glasswashers that are placed on the bottom or on the door for cleaning. Choose between under-counter and door styles.


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