Is it possible to use standard dish soap in a dishwasher?

Have you ever wondered whether using dish soap in place of dishwasher detergent is acceptable? It’s a common question, especially because many brands are cheaper than their counterparts. Let me break down what I’ve found out!

Why Shouldn’t You Put Liquid Dish Soap in Your Dishwasher?

Using regular dish soap to wash dishes in a dishwasher is not only wasteful but also potentially dangerous. Dishwashing liquid and hand soaps have been designed with sudsy bubbles, which help them clean your dining ware more effectively than just water alone would be able to do.

However, if you fill the soap container on your machine with these liquids, they will create an excessive amount of foam that eventually spills over onto the floor, making quite a mess instead of cleaning up dirt from plates or glasses as it was intended for!

Only specialized dishwasher detergents should be used in these machines. During the cycle, no suds are produced. There are also numerous options for DIY emergency dishwashing detergent substitutions that may be made at home.

Wrong Liquid Detergent

Wrong Liquid Detergent for dishwasher

If you used the wrong detergent for a cycle, you’d have to run the dishwasher twice with no soap in between. You’ll need to repeat this process two times, as there will still be plenty of residual suds and residue! After doing that, make sure to clean up all over the slippery mess on your floor.

As a substitute for handwashing, do not use dishwasher detergent. While your dishes will be clean, the lack of suds may cause you to overuse dishwashing liquid, making it difficult to properly remove soap residue from dirty plates and cookware.


Let’s try this out! I really want my dishes to sparkle. To make the best dishwashing detergent, you should use a few drops of ordinary dish soap and baking soda in your sink before putting them into the machine.

If these instructions are followed correctly, then sparkling clean dishes will be on their way to becoming dirty again once they hit that water cycle inside your washer—which is still better than not being cleaned at all.

Creating Alternative Detergent

Alternatives to Detergent

You can create your own dishwasher detergent by filling the soap container with about 3/4 full of baking soda. Put a few drops of your favorite dishwashing liquid and 1/4 cup salt in, then rinse if you have hard water.

While baking soda reduces sudsing and improves dishwasher performance, it may also lead to a cleaner machine if you use this system.

Make Your Own

Now you can clean your dishes like a pro without the hassle of dishwasher tabs. All it takes is three drops of liquid soap and fill up the rest with baking soda. Just close it, run a wash cycle, and enjoy sparkling plates that come out just as good as if you used an actual tab!

Make Your Own Dishwasher at home

It’s not a problem to have mountains of suds overflow out from your dishwasher. I tested this tip multiple times, and the floor remained perfectly dry every time.


Liquid dish soap is not an appropriate detergent for a dishwasher. It’s essential to use the right amount of the correct type of detergent in your dishwasher, or you may end up with residue on dishes and glasses that can’t be removed by regular washing.

Consider that you’re searching for a solution to this issue.

In that case, we recommend using our homemade DIY dishwasher cleaner, as it takes care of everything from greasy messes to hard water stains without any additional scrubbing needed! We’ve already produced a few for those who were interested. Do you have any questions about how liquid soap affects your dishes? Leave them below, and we’ll answer promptly!

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