Bosch Dishwasher Not Heating Problem Solved

If your bosch dishwasher is not heating or the dishes are coming out wet, this blog post will help you solve the problem! We’ll go over what to do if your bosch dishwasher is not heating up and how to troubleshoot the issue. We’ll tell you how to get a bosch dishwasher repairman to fix it if that doesn’t work.

Some people have found that when their dishwasher does not heat up, it is because of water problems. The main issue with this may be one or more of these:

  • The filter has become clogged.
  • A temperature switch prevents the heating element from functioning properly (this can happen if you close your door too quickly)
  • An automatic shutoff feature was activated before all cycles were complete.
  • The temperature sensor is damaged.
  • A control board failure has occurred.

The following are some of the symptoms associated with these issues:

  • The dishwasher will not be heated if consumers turn on an electric (electricity) device before turning it on.
  • There are stains on the dishes.
  • My dishwasher washes my dishes equally well, but there is fat on certain of them.
  • Tons of dishes are washed for far too long.

Let’s examine these issues in greater depth and see what we can do about them.

What is the problem? Can it be repaired?
The heating element is out of order. Replacement is required.
The thermostat does not work. Replacement is required.
Control board malfunction. Repair/Replacement is required.

Heating element

The F-shaped heating elements are mostly seen in Bosch dishwashers. Because the device is always engaged during washing dishes, it has an “endurance” that is somewhat lower than that of a drain pump, for example.

A short circuit, or scale buildup, might be the source of the problem. A thick coating on the heater tubes might result in a short circuit.

Temperature Sensor

The control module is connected to a temperature sensor, which transmits data about the heating session to signal that it began or ended.

Water is not heated if there is a problem with the sensor. In other words, water isn’t warmed in this scenario.

Control Board

A control board is a small box that houses numerous electronic components, such as EEPROM memory, a central processor, and of course, a data router from all sensors. Each route usually has its own fuse and block with a little CPU.

A tiny voltage shift may damage the power circuit, preventing data transmission. It halts the water heating process. The dishwasher typically informs you about a problem like this with such an issue, but it may not do so, for example, in SMS, SRV, and SPV models.

Is water not heated?

Electricity is turned off:

If your dishwasher’s electricity is ever cut off unexpectedly or permanently throughout the cycle, there has been a problem with the heating element.

The electricity consumption rises with an equal lighting speed when the heating function is turned on. If there is a fault with the heating element, it will result in an additional burden on the flap. The automatic circuit breaker will come into action and disconnect the connections if it occurs frequently.

Washed for a Long Time

If the dishwasher washes plates for a long time (longer than the programmed duration), probably, the water hasn’t been heated properly.

Why is this most likely? Because the user might have made a mistake and selected a lengthy washing program. Also, you may inadvertently activate the delayed washing mode.

In other situations, a lengthy washing process might simply indicate that the temperature sensor or the heating element is faulty. The program does not finish the cycle because the water cannot be heated up.

Stains on the dishes

If stains remain on the plates after washing, it indicates that they have been washed in cold water. You may verify this by utilizing a special setting, which raises the temperature of the water to 90 or more degrees Celsius.

If heavy stains persist even after 15 minutes of washing, your machine needs repair.

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